How much does RGV Events cost?

  • Registration is free
  • Publishing your event is free.
  • Downloading our phone app is free.

Do you have a event and wish to attract more attendees?

Call today and see how we can help boost your attendance for your event. 956.329.2398

  • Advertise your event on our homepage.
  • Create an email marketing campaign that will help boost attendance your event.
  • Become a title ticket sponsor (your logo on every TICKET PRINTED).

How much does it cost to sell e-tickets?

  • We charge a small fee per ticket sold.
    To use the RGV Events website to sell your tickets we charge $2.5 of each ticket value.
  • We use PayPal and Google checkout for all online credit card transactions.
    The day after your event has ended and all transactions are completed we write you a check.  It's secure, fast and simple to use.
  • We save you all the hasles of accepting credit cards online.
    No merchant account, no bank account needed and no credit card.  It's simple and you get paid the following day.
  • Your ticket valueTransaction cost per ticketRGV Events fee per ticket
  • $10.006.5% + .99$1.64

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